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Abrasive Cutter


The Abrasive cutter

ABC - Alba Business Consultancy e.K in close cooperation with ANT AG, Luebeck
likes to present a revolutionary technology to the Offshore Wind market:

The Water Abrasive Suspension ( WAS ) Jet Cutting Tool.

With the Water Abrasive Suspension ( WAS ) cutting process almost all material can be cut with the aid of a cold high pressure water jet and a sharp - edged abrasive. This specialized technology can be used both in air and under water.

The cuts are executed in a contact - free manner, with no heat generation or deformation, regardless of the material in question, because of the low recoil, it is the ideal cutting tool for remote operation. The important part of the equipment includes a high pressure pump, a mixing unit for abrasive material, high pressure hoses, a cutting head with nozzle ( 0.5 - 1.3 mm diameter ) and a manipulation system for the nozzle head. The potential energy represent by the pressure and the flow is converted into a cutting jet with a velocity of several hundred meters per second. With the water, the abrasive particles are accelerated and these cut like a knife through the work piece.

The competitive edge

Working pressure up to 2500 bar ( 36000 psi )

Cutting in water depths of up to 600 meters

Cutting up to 500 mm steel or 1500 mm concrete

Ideal for the removal and decommissioning of foundation of wind farms or other construction


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